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One of the goals of the course is to develop your skills in presenting cogent arguments for a course of action in a marketing situation. You are to prepare a three page written (12 point, double spaced), not including Appendices, discussion and (Do Not write out the questions!). In developing your argument, you should consider the pros and cons of your position as well as the merits and limitations of other courses of action that you did not select. When appropriate, you should also include a discussion of the financial implications of your position. Calculations, if appropriate, can be included in (a maximum of five pages) of Appendices which do not count in the three-page limit.

Your position papers will be evaluated on three dimensions: (1) professionalism of the presentation, (2) the extent to which you integrated case facts to draw inferences, and (3) the soundness of your general logic.

A few helpful hints in writing your case position papers. While I do not wish to legislate a format for case write-ups, you may want to consider the following as you prepare your position papers: Begin with a succinct statement of the problem. Clearly define and discuss each possible course of action. Elaborate on what you feel are the merits and weaknesses of each course of action. In evaluating the merits and weaknesses of each option, draw inferences from case facts.



1. Why did investors bid up Netflix’s shares so dramatically in early 2011?

2. How did Netflix’s cost structure change as the company moved from movies on disk-through-the-mail to streaming?

3. What were the strategic uncertainties facing Netflix as they experimented with streaming video?

4. Customers had a bad reaction to the announcement of monthly fees for streaming video; compared to previous prices for movies on disk, (which are necessarily constrained by the time to mail back and get new disks) the price seems fair – why was there a backlash?

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