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  1. Respond to at least TWO student posts on the topics different from the ones you responded.

just one paraghraph or two to repond

Please make sure that your post is meaningful but concise. Show your rationales that supports the arguments you are making. Posts with a sentence simply saying “yes, I agree with your comment” will not be considered as “meaningful”.

The Title: Ethical Hacker?

Is the expression “ethical hacker” an oxymoron? Do you agree that some individuals should be allowed to be “certified” as hackers to work on behalf of industry or for the interests of other organizations? Do the kinds of activities permitted by certified hackers in the CEH Program raise any moral issues? Explain.

Student post: Kevin Lackland 

I believe the term “ethical hacker” is not an oxymoron, because there is hacking that is done for the greater good. I do believe that some individuals shoud be allowed to be “certified” as hackers to work on behalf of the interests of other organizations, because these certified hackers attack a security system on behalf of its owners, seeking vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could exploit. Thus benefiting any possible victims. These kind of activities permitted be certified hackers in the CEH Program could raise possible moral issues, because there maybe that one or a few hackers who stray from their objective to hacking for personal gain. Taking hacking into someone’s bank account for instance, and stealing money from their checking or savings account.


Second post Brian Wilson:

The title: Hacktivist activities

Can  “hacktivist activities” be justified on the grounds  of  civil  disobedience  toward  unjust laws?

Student post: 

I belive most peoples first reaction would be to just say yes if it is ‘righting a wrong’. The issue comes as who is it to say what is actually ‘wrong’ and how do you qualify it. So to say ‘yes’ you would need to be 100% sure of eminent danger to society otherwise there would need to be more requirements considered before saying ‘yes. I belive the additional requirements would be as follows:

1. All legal means would have to be exhausted

2. The ‘act’ can’t hurt/harm those not involved

3. The ‘act’ must be a means to the end

4. You can’t remain anonymous ( this is key to be considered ‘civil disobedience)

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