need a 4 page essay on a behavior modification..PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS OR QUESTION WILL BE WITHDRAWN!!

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Sociology 5560, Sociology of Health, Medicine and Illness

Essay #1:Reflections on Behavioral Modification

Behavior can be an important determinant of health. The behaviors you engage in can either be a benefit (exercise) or detriment (smoking, having unprotected sex) to your health. Therefore, behavior modification to reduce unhealthy behaviors and promote healthy ones is a large part of the public and scientific discourse on improving health.

Choose one health-related behavior or habit that you would like to modify for the better (e.g. consume less alcohol, quit smoking, become more physically active, etc.). Which behavior you choose is completely up to you. For at least one week, try to modify your behavior. For the entire duration of your behavior modification attempt you should keep detailed daily notes on your progress, activities, and challenges.

FYI-For those who chose to write about potential or actual illegal behaviors (e.g. underage drinking, substance use), unless your behavior involves victimizing others, illegal activities will be kept anonymous.

You will then write a short (minimum 4 pages, maximum 6 pages) paper reflecting on your attempt. Your paper should be double-spaced, in 12-pt Times New Roman font with standard margins (1 and a quarter inches on the sides and 1 inch on the top/bottom) and must include a separate title page with your name (does not count towards the 3-5 page limit).

You should first briefly describe the behavior and why you want to modify it (what effect do you expect modification will have on your health?). You should then reflect on the success or failure you had and what factors or circumstance facilitated or hindered your attempt (either in initiating and/or in maintaining the change). What would have made the change easier or harder to accomplish?

I am looking for insightful, critical reflections on your experience and not endless repetition of what you did or didn’t do. I don’t want filler or a diary of your fast-food intake. I want thoughtful analytic reflection.

Assignments will be evaluated based on organization of ideas and the quality of reflection. However, if typos and mechanical errors make it difficult to read you will be marked down, so please proofread, edit, and spell-check your assignment before turning it in. Also, computer spell-checking is necessary but not sufficient, as it does not catch many common errors (there/their; effect/affect etc.). If you have poor grammar, then ask a friend to proofread your paper. APA style

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