Movie Notes jan 13

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Assignment Content

  1. Your homework (HW) is to watch a movie and take some notes! 

    Movie Title: Invictus 
    Rated: PG-13, so you may be able to make it a family experience

    6 step problem solving model
    As you watch, take notes on points in the movie that show: 

    1. What important problem did Mandela face, and who was impacted by it?
    2. What might have been the causes of that problem?
    3. What did he try in order to solve it or mitigate it (make it better)
    4. What was the ultimate solution he came to?
    5. How did he implement it?
    6. What are the ways you know it worked?
    7. DO NOT write AFTER the movie! You can pause to take notes

          Submit these notes without editing. If you took notes by hand, take a photo or scan them in. 
         Be prepared to discuss this in class!

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