Motor Skills

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Section 1 (Post by Day 3):

Read Section 4.1, “Three Elements Affecting Motor Skill Performance,” in Chapter 4 of your text. Next, use Table 3.2, “Typical gross motor milestones,” from Chapter 3 as a guide, and the skills outlined in Chapter 5 and 6 to complete the following chart*:

Age of Child Fundamental motor skill

(Choose one locomotor (moving), non-locomotor (stationary) or manipulative skill that would be developmentally appropriate to teach each age group.)

Explain what game or activity that you would use to teach this skill

(Example: To teach balance, you might use a low balance beam and instructions on how to hold their arms out straight.)

2 yrs

3 yrs

4 yrs

5 yrs

6 yrs

Use the chart above

Required Criteria:

Section 1:

Complete the Chart (Instructions-Click Modules, Week 2-Discussion 1 to download the editable version of the chart)

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