Moorpark College Sociology Needs Discussion Post

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I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.

this assignment does not need to be long, just answer the questions listed down below. you have to play this game and answer the following questions. it is just for a discussion post so it does not need to be in mla format or anything like that.

Direct URL: (Links to an external site.

We will play the “game” Spent. This is an online “game” based on the real lived choices people must make because of our system of stratification. Remember the game is developed from actual struggles people have had to face, so while it is in the comfort of a game, please take it seriously. Developed by a nonprofit, Spent is designed to raise awareness about the difficult choices faced by those who come to be poor. In reality, most people go in and out of poverty, so it is a condition that many people will sometimes face. And it’s often hard to get out of it, but can have an effect on health and relationships. To learn more about the NGO Ministries of Durham in North Carolina, you can visit their site (Links to an external site.).

After playing Spent, please answer the following questions:

  • Were you successful in surviving the month? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • If you were successful, what kind of position would you be in next month?
  • What were the most difficult decisions you had to make?
  • What kind of impact might the “tough decisions” we made have on you and your child?
  • How is stratification a kind of “game?” What are your views on this? (this is opened ended)

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