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For this milestone, you will submit a draft of Section I (Summary) and Section II (Cultural Analysis Overview)  of your final project, the analysis and negotiation coaching  recommendations for executive leadership. When drafting the summary,  consider the zone of possible agreement (ZOPA) and best alternative to a  negotiated agreement (BATNA) positions of Netflix’s chief human  resources officer, Sharon Slade. When crafting the cultural analysis  overview, consider the espoused values of Netflix vs. the enacted  values, the basic assumptions, as well as the observable artifacts. Over  the next few weeks, you should revise these two sections based on  instructor feedback and then submit them as part of your analysis and  negotiation coaching recommendations for executive leadership final  project, due in Module Ten.Specifically, your summary and critical analysis overview must address the following critical elements:

  1. Summary. The purpose of this section is to prepare  the chief human resources officer for entering the arena of this  particular negotiation. Be sure to: 
    1. Summarize the negotiation fact pattern the chief  human resources officer (CHRO) would need in advance of the negotiation.  (You will want to refer to the list you created for the Module One  discussion, as well as the feedback from your peers.)
    2. Describe the types of power the CHRO has and how they are important to this particular negotiation.
    3. Describe appropriate alternatives that the CHRO  would want to consider in the event that an agreement is not reached. In  other words, what is the CHRO’s ZOPA and BATNA? Does she have more than  one?
  2. Cultural Analysis Overview 
    1. What inferences can you draw about the company’s organizational culture based on how they react to an employee leaving? Support your reasoning with specific examples from your readings.
    2. Describe what cultural assumptions drive the organization’s policy decisions. Support your response with examples from your readings.
    3. Explain how you would use these assumptions to engage in a severance negotiation that would result in the most beneficial outcome for the company. Support your explanation with effective examples.

What to Submit

Your paper must be submitted as a three-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing,

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