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The selective reading is called Darkness Visible: A Memoir Of Madness.

this is the link to the full text book: https://archive.org/stream/DarknessVisiblewilliamS…

Mid-Term Paper:

Based on your reading of one of the four selected Midterm Texts, write a 5 page (double-spaced 12 pt font, APA 6th edition format) paper discussing:

1.) The Biopsychosocial complications of living with the disorder discussed in your selected text.

2.) Define and discuss your response to the primary biopsychosocial conflicts presented by the author. Consider how symptoms of and presentation of a disorder may vary across individuals, life stages, and cultures.

3.)Consider treatment issues. What are your ideas about what was successful? What failed? What are your ideas about what might have been done differently?

4.) Discuss how your understanding of the events described in the book may inform your work with patients.

Grading will be based on depth, insight, organization, editing and structure. Before you turn in your paper, please proofread carefully. You are expected to turn in graduate school level work

MAIN RESOURCE OF THE PAPER HAS TO BE THE BOOK, outside resources are ok but it has to be mainly the book.

Please, please, read the directions carefully. I had used this tool for my paper and when it was graded it had nothing to do with the book and it went off on tangents. Also, please no plagiarizing.


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