Mid term exam

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This exam covers all readings, course activities, and lecture content assigned from Modules 1 through 3. Choose three of the five questions below. For each
question chosen, write an essay response of 250-300 words. In your
response, be sure to refer to specific concepts from the readings,
lecture notes, and/or discussions, and use these concepts to support
your points. Please state the question prior to your answer.

  • 1-Why is socialization so important to the development of our self-concept? Explain the role of socialization in shaping our lives, using at least three concepts from the course material in your explanation.2-Compare and contrast Karl Marx’s and Max Weber’s theories of social
    class. Explain which theory you think is more accurate and why.3-What are the key components of culture? Discuss at least three
    components of culture, giving specific examples of each component.Reading material for essay and references Introduction to sociology chapters 1 2 3 and 4.
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