media options 11

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Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, which illustrates one new (social media) media option for Pepsi and Pepsi brand strategy. The presentation should be 4 slides maximum. Do not include a title page. 3 pages of content and material with detailed speaker notes and 1 reference page. Please be clear on the speaker notes.

In your presentation, Discuss the new media option in terms of audience, reach, A table of differences may be used to concisely illustrate the differences.

Cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed references.

Format your PowerPoint® presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

The slides that you create, add to the powerpoint below. Do not alter the power point below. Please!!!! The slides that you are creating are going to be added, so please use this pp as a template. Once again, do not alter the pp below, The slides that you are creating are being added to this power point.

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