MCCKC Desensitization Technique & Organ Donors Biology Question

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This article describes some active science regarding a topic from this unit. Read the article and answer these questions:

  1. What are the chances that any two random people will match in all six of the antigen-molecules discussed in the article? (One out of how many?)
  2. If the donor and recipient do match in all six antigen-molecules, can the kidney still be rejected by the recipient’s immune system?
  3. In the desensitization technique described in the article, what is removed from the recipient’s blood?
  4. The survival of patients who had undergone the desensitization process an received an incompatible transplant was compared to the survival of patients who remained on the waiting list hoping to receive a compatible organ. After 8 years, what percentage of the treatment patients were still alive? What percentage of waiting list patients were still alive?
  5. The desensitization process has one downside mentioned in the article. What is it?

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