MBA 699 10-1 Journal

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In Module One, you performed a personal SWOT analysis and reflected on your readiness for organizational change. Then, throughout the course, you learned to lead and manage organizational change based on strategic decisions. You have also learned several other skills and concepts through the other courses and the various badges and certifications you earned in this MBA program.

Now, it is time to reflect on these skills and use what you’ve learned to create a personal action plan for your career and professional development. Doing so will not only help you revisit various management-related concepts and skills you learned and developed in this program, but will also help you understand how these concepts and skills can be applied in the workplace. This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to review your own journey from the start of this MBA program up until now—the end of the program.


Create a personal action plan to apply and further develop the skills you have gained in the MBA program.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Skills assessment: Reflect on the personal SWOT analysis you completed in Module One. Your response should address the following:
    1. Describe any changes in your personal SWOT analysis based on skills you have acquired in the course.
    2. Explain how might this affect your ability to handle organizational change in the future.
  2. Personal action plan: Create a personal action plan based on skills you learned in this course and in the MBA program. Your response should address the following:
    1. Identify two key skills from this course that you will apply in your career and explain how each of these skills could help in your career growth.
    2. Identify two key skills from the rest of the MBA program that you will apply in your career and explain how each of these skills could help in your career growth.
    3. Identify two skills from the MBA program that you feel need further improvement and describe how these skills will help in your career growth.
    4. Identify badges or certifications from the MBA program that you feel will be most useful for your career growth and explain how you will apply them.
  3. Accountability: Describe actionable steps you will take to keep yourself accountable for developing and applying the skills that you learned throughout the MBA program.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit a 2- to 3-page Word document. Sources should be cited according to APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.


Business Development

Deyanira Diaz

Southern New Hampshire University

MBA 699 Strategic Opportunity Management

Professor Steven Farina

November 19, 2022

Business Development

As you are aware, I was chosen to join the team responsible for strategic planning to help them access the exit strategy the company is laying out. I’m excited to share information about potential collaborators and their sway over the company and the intended audience. We are all aware that change is a constant in organizations, and the success of the change will depend on how well employers and employees can adjust. Businesses must also carefully choose the people who will spearhead the change. All other interventions will have access to the market if the right leaders are chosen to influence the community (Breuer et al., 2018). Introducing the drug to the market will require supportive influence from both the internal and external markets for our business. We’ll begin by choosing a team of leaders who lead the other team and give their subordinates feedback. These leaders need traits and abilities that improve the organization’s reputation. Their organizational expertise, which can be gauged by the years they have worked there, will be crucial in this process. Additionally, it will be necessary for them to be enthusiastic because it will affect how well they perform. The last factor is their role, which largely affects the process because they will use their expertise to encourage participation.

The first person selected is Omar, who is the Manufacturing Director. Omar manages three departments; Supply Chain Strategies, Middle Eastern Operations and North America Operations. He is also managing 12 manufacturing plants that have 580 hourly workers. He has served the organization for three years, but his job satisfaction is rated at the highest level. Omar influences three areas in this organization; manufacturing, supply chain and operations.

I chose Omar because his influence in manufacturing is enough to provide the organization with information about the capacity and the size of the market it can serve. He is also in a position to advise the business on regulatory standards and market demand. This leader manages supply chain individuals who are in a position to understand cost-saving products. The department will be at the forefront in selecting the best partners to work with and how to satisfy their customers. Operations will also be able to take the lead in quality and regulatory adherence.

The other person to be included in this coalition is John, the Research Director. John supervises 3 Research Lab Managers and manages over a hundred research scientists in three countries’ research labs. John has served the company for 22 years and has 15 years after promotion. Within that period, his performance was commendable, as he earned the highest performance rating. John influences all departments in the organization because research is broad, and every section in the organization does research and requires a hand from the research department.

I selected John, Research Director because of the need for market understanding. John is responsible for the research work in the whole organization, and his performance is satisfying. The research team will provide the organization with situation analysis results that would inform the directors of what to expect in the market. The team will also research the risks in the market and advise on possible ways to mitigate the risks. Additionally, the team can forecast future trends in the business world and advise on the best steps to approach the expected change. John is also well informed on what causes failures as business merges. He is in a position to advise at any point when he realizes an action that would lead to the failure of the organization’s sales plan.

The other person chosen is Chris, the Sales Executive in the company. Chris supervises sales representatives. He manages over 150 sales representatives around the world. He has been with the organization for ten years and served four years after getting promoted. His performance has been within the average rating. He influences all aspects of sales, including finding new customers, working on customer retention and improving the services offered.

I chose Chris because of his leadership and management skills. He has experience in integrated acquisitions he did at his previous work. Also, his sales experience will boost the drug’s marketing and the organization’s branding. He also influences the work by leading sales representatives who will aid in marketing in different locations.

For the team to work efficiently, we must set up some strategies to aid them. The first is to set clear roles for each person. The team will understand what responsibilities are within their purview if roles are well defined (Ali et al., 2021). Additionally, they will be able to respect one another’s roles, which will help the team function more harmoniously. Another strategy would be having trust in the team. All leaders should avoid micromanagement as much as possible because it can discourage their extra efforts. Also, master conflict resolution, because this is a change in the organization and the team, may not adapt at the same rate. Also, the team will encounter many challenges in the new market, but you should resolve the issues as a leader.

One way to instill a sense of urgency in the players is to inform the team members about the importance of urgency. They will understand that the urgency originates from the outcome goals and the consequences of delay (Rousseau & Deschacht, 2020). Make the matter personal to all members by painting a picture of what impact the results of the change would have on their jobs.

These strategies will build trust in all employees because they will feel engaged and their views valued. They will be trusted in all activities by making decisions and implementing them on the ground with the help of their leaders.


Ali, H., Chuanmin, S., Ahmed, M., Mahmood, A., Khayyam, M., & Tikhomirova, A. (2021). Transformational leadership and project success: serial mediation of team-building and teamwork. Frontiers in Psychology, 12.

Breuer, H., Fichter, K., Lüdeke-Freund, F., & Tiemann, I. (2018). Sustainability-oriented business model development: Principles, criteria and tools. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, 10(2), 256-286.

Rousseau, S., & Deschacht, N. (2020). Public awareness of nature and the environment during the COVID-19 crisis. Environmental and Resource Economics, 76(4), 1149-1159.

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