Luna Community College Change in Organizations Discussion

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Welcome to Module 9 and Chapter 9. Please review and complete Toolkit Exercise 9.2 on p. 337 of your textbook.

For the first question of this graded discussion forum, I would like for each of your to reproduce your responses to questions 1 (parts a. through g.), 2, and 3. As you present your responses, be sure to stress how each relates to an actual change instance/initiative that you experienced either as an organizational change agent or as a change follower. I am specifically interested in reviewing your responses to question 2.

second question

1, I would like everyone to complete Toolkit Exercise 9.3.

2, In response to this forum question, I would like for each of you to discuss at least four influence tactics that you are particularly gifted in employing when leading change. Why are you drawn to these tactics and what do you think makes them effective. Changing gears a little, when you are on the receiving end of influence tactics, which four tactics are you particularly receptive to and why? Provide some examples with your responses.

Please remember to post your actual work from the Toolkit Exercise to your reply.

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