logistic regression 5

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Write: In your initial post of at least 550 words, using Exercise 1 on pages 239-240, complete the following:

  • First, fill in the blank: The logistic regression coefficient tells us that, for each one-unit increase in the party identification scale, the logged odds of a pro-control opinion increases by .506. Turn your attention to the odds scale, Exp(b). Recall that higher values of party identification are more Democratic and lower values are less Democratic. This coefficient says that an individual at one value of party identification is __________ times as likely to be pro-control as an individual at the next-lower level of party identification.
  • Then, use the value of Exp(b) to compute a percentage change in the odds. According to your calculations, each unit increase in party identification, from less Democratic to more Democratic, increases the odds of being pro-control by how much?
  • State the null hypothesis for this relationship.
  • Finally, explain what the inferential decision is: reject the null hypothesis or do not reject the null hypothesis.

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