Liberia Culture, sociology homework help

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Write a 4 pages essay on Liberia Culture. No information should be taken from the web. It is going to be put on  safe assign. It is okay to read information of the web, but it must be paraphrase in your own words. Follow the 5 components below to write the essay. Double space. New Times Rome. Think like C.Write Mill

1. Values of the culture: abstract ideals (beliefs) the things a culture beliefs in, what they thing is right or wrong

2. Norms of the culture: what is the rules of the cultures. Formal norms are written down ex: a law, a stop sign, the flag etc…

    Informal norms: are everything ex: do the wear makeup etc…

3. Language spoken: anything that communicate to other people. Body language

4. Symbols: representation of a culture, how and why

5. Material goods: things, objects used or produce by a culture

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