Lehman College The Impact of Parent Incarceration on Children Essay

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Topic: Research the impact that the incarceration of parents has on children. Present an effective argument detailing the impacts of parental incarceration on children.

Each student is responsible for submitting a term paper. The paper is to be five pages in length, typed, double-spaced, and on 8.5 by 11 size paper. There is no need for an introduction or a summary. Therefore, there should be no introduction or summary. A cover page indicating the student’s name, the topic of the paper, and the date of submission should be attached. The cover page does not count as one of the five required pages. Students are also responsible for attaching a reference page to the paper. The reference page does not count as one of the five required pages. You must follow APA style for the body of the paper and the reference page.

Papers should be CAREFULLY RESEARCHED and contain references from at least three separate journal articles. You must not directly quote any of your sources. All work presented in your paper should be presented in your own words. However, although in your own words, the thoughts, ideas, data, and conclusions of others must be appropriately cited. Refrain from using quotation marks. Again, everything in your own words. You may cite as many internet sites, texts, newspapers/magazines etc. as you choose, but they will not count toward the three required references noted above. Please refrain from citing your class notes. APA style of citations MUST be followed.

Your job in writing this paper is to make an effective argument for or against something. Please be sure to remain responsive to the topic i.e. if you are for something then your paper will provide nothing but the positive aspects of what you are for. On the other hand if you are against something then your paper will provide nothing but the negative aspects of what you are against. An effective argument must include social scientific STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unsubstantiated opinions should have no place in your paper. Every position you take should be based on data presented in the articles you have chosen to read and will be citing


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