Legal Repercussions of training in the workplace

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Below are potential training situations or activities that could have legal repercussions. Come up with TWO situations other the the situations BELOW that you think could be a cause for alarm. Which Federal Law would protect someone from your two situation examples. Be sure you explain the situation in detail and explain why the law protects that person. In a minimum of 6-8 sentences PER situation/law equaling a total of two paragraphs. Cite all references

  • Failing to provide required training or providing inadequate training
  • Incurring employee injury during a training activity
  • Incurring injuries to employees or others outside the training session
  • Breach of confidentiality or defamation
  • Reproducing and using copyrighted material in training classes without permission
  • Excluding women, minorities, and older Americans from training programs
  • Failing to ensure equal treatment while in training
  • Requiring employees to attend training programs that they may find offensive
  • Revealing discriminatory information during a training session
  • Not accommodating trainees with disabilities
  • Incorrectly reporting training as an expense, or failing to report training reimbursement as income

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