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As new students in a challenging MBA program, you each bring to the classroom different levels of preparation and expectations formed by your experience. These form your mindsets, which can either enable or inhibit your progress in the personal, professional, and academic aspects of your life (Kinicki & Williams, 2016). The University Learning Goals (University of Phoenix, 2006) are specifically designed to help you define and refine your mindsets for success at school and work and are incorporated throughout this course and program.


Referring to the “Mind-sets: How do you go about learning?” section at the start of Ch. 2, consider the following questions. Answer one or answer all, and look for opportunities to develop a growth mindset through conversations with you classmates and faculty.

Scenario 2: What are your goals?

  • What role does goal setting play in helping us succeed at school and work?
  • What are the University of Phoenix Learning Goals and how do they relate to success at school and work?
  • As a student, how can you foster a growth mindset in yourself and other students so you can work together to accomplish shared goals?


Kinicki, A., & Williams, B. K. (2016). Management: A practical introduction (7 ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.

University of Phoenix (2018). University learning goals. Retrieved from Phoenix.edu: http://www.phoenix.edu/about_us/about_university_o…


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