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Project: Healthcare
Deliverable: Expected Variation How do I determine if it’s approximately normal?

Standard deviation:::
Is the data approximately bell shaped? Yes or No
What is the lowest point of expected variation?
What is the upper point of expected variation?
1.  Calculate the average for each.
2.  Calculate the standard deviation for each.
3.  From these calculations, determine the range of expected variation.
4.  Create a histogram from this data.  Use the
  appropriate number of cells to represent the data.

  Hint:  There is a ‘rules of thumb’ cell choice table
  in the HISTOGRAM (part I) section of your workbook. 5.  By looking at the histogram, is the process approximately normally   distributed? Is there obvious assignable-cause variation?

here is the data:

These are the wait times from last months:

24,  27,  18,  11,  22,  27,  17,  23,  17,  5,  17,  28,  24,  17,  8,  21,  26,  23,  17,  31,  18,  27,  22,  27,  17,  40,  22,  18,  17,  18,  28, 


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