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Assignment Instructions NEED IT BY Sunday PLEASE

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Brief the case Bouchat v. Ravens, found in the Resources section.

Please remember to you the approved case brief format that includes the
following parts: (1) Facts, (2) Procedural History, (3) Issues
Statements, (4) Holdings, (5) Reasoning, and (6) Decision. 

Case briefs are used to highlight the key information contained within a
case for use within the legal community as court cases can be quite

When writing case briefs, all information must be properly cited.  Make
sure you are not copying and pasting from your source. Most of the
material should be paraphrased; quotations should make up no more than
10%  of the brief.  Note: since the purpose to is highlight and
summarize key information, merely copying and pasting from the case does
not accomplish this goal. You must summarize the facts in your own
words, using quotations sparingly.


Please take a look at the three handouts that I have attached here.
 The first handout outlines how to brief a case with a detailed
explanation of each part of the case brief.  The second handout outlines
how I will be grading these case briefs.  The third handout provides an
example of a properly done case brief.  If you would like to read the
case briefed in the model case, please find the case on Lexis at
Delanhanty v. Hickley, 564 A.2d 758 (D.C. 1989).   While carefully
considering these materials, please remember that you need to brief the Bouchat v. Ravens case for submission. 

Legal case names should be done in standard “Blue Book” format. Example:
York v. Smith, 65 U.S. 294 (1995). For further information see and look under the “How to Cite”
section. Bluebook citation information is also found in the course
materials section.

Your brief should be 2 pages in length and in the approved format.

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