latino theatre research viewing and review

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1. The Theatre Review

A. I would like you to research a major newspaper from a major city and find a professional Theatre review for. The review should be on a production of your choosing by a Latino/a Playwright. Dealing with topics that would be important to one of our various and divers Latino communities.

B. It can be a period or present day play.

C. The review should be no more than five years old.

D. Please copy and paste the review you choose into the assignment with citation.

E. Write a 1 page reaction to this review and the play.

– A brief biography of the playwright and why they wrote the play (you may need to do some follow up research about the playwright)

– What are the Issues that this playwright is trying to raise?

– Did the reviewer feel as though this was strong production and that the messages were conveyed?

– Would you watch this play or any other play from this Playwright? Why or why Not?

2. Watch Your Movie Choice

A. Choose a film to watch that was written OR directed by a Latino/a. (This can certainly be a Luis Valdez film)

B. This film should also have the protagonist be a “Latino” man or woman .

D. Be sure to choose a movie that wrestles in some way with a topic(s) related to “Latino” cultural and societal topics.

3. Write a Review for your film.

A. With the review that you researched as a template, write a 1 page review for your chosen film.

B. Give us your opinion of the acting and storytelling in the manner that you read other reviewers analyzing the play’s that they watched.

C. Discuss the relevant “Latino” issues that were raised by the film, its writer and character(s)

D. Was the filmmaker, writer and actors successful? Why or why not?


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