Language and religion

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watch three short videos from Frontline World (some suggestions are listed below). Alternatively, you may watch one of the much longer full documentaries on the regular Frontline website ( You are also welcome to utilize films from other reputable high-quality documentary sites (e.g., NOVA, Vice, History Channel, etc.).

discuss one (or more) of the following questions/topics in 2 paragraphs:

  • What role does religion (and conflicts over sacred sites) play in exacerbating one or more political conflicts around the world …or in helping to resolve one or more political conflicts …or both? Please use specific examples from the text, films, and/or outside sources in your discussion.
  • Please discuss how and why a particular language (such as English) came to be distributed the way that it is around the world? Are the processes globalization influencing the changing distribution and significance of this language? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • How can language play a role as either a unifying (centripetal) or devolutionary (centrifugal) force for a country? Please use some specific examples (e.g., Nigeria, Quebec, Yugoslavia, etc.) in your discussion.

You can use any 3 relevant films from the PBS Frontline World site at: Here are a few suggested films:

– China: Kung Fu English

– Philippines: Have degree, will travel

– South Korea: Everyone’s a journalist

– Bhutan: The last place

– Canada: The Cell Next Door

– Northern Ireland: An Uneasy Peace

– Kuwait: The 99

Superheroes of the Muslim World

– Indonesia: Wham! Bam! Islam!

Muslim superheroes come to Jakarta

– Pakistan: State of Emergency

– On the Edge of the Crescent

– Jesus in China


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