Lab 2

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 watch video  (341) Physics 22 Introduction to Heat & Temperature (1 of 6) Mechanical Equivalence of Heat – YouTube 

Submit Lab 3 – Niagara.  Please print out your lab sheet from the course site. You will need a blender, a lab thermometer (you can get one on Amazon or from Wal Mart) , and a stopwatch/timer for this activity. 

Watch this clip on the mechanical equivalence of heat before you do the lab:


To demonstrate the Laws of Thermodynamics:

Materials: Blender, water, Thermometer


Simulate the Niagara Falls by filling an electric (food) blender half way with water. Measure the temperature of the water.  {Make sure the temperature is stable–two consecutive readings should give you the same value.}  Run the blender at high speed for 1 minute, then record the temperature.  Repeat this process five times.  Graph your results.  Explain your observations. 


Temp. 0C Trials

1   2  Average

Make a graph using these readings.  Label the axes.  Title the graph. Use correct scales on both axes.  Draw neatly using pencil. You may also do Excel graphs.  

 Explain how the first and second laws of thermodynamics are demonstrated in the experiment.

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