“Juvenile Delinquency Interventions”

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Using what you’ve learned this week, respond to the following prompts in your post:

  • Think about the following questions: Do rational people commit
    crimes? Do they choose to commit a crime? Are they intelligent? Do they
    aim to maximize pleasure and minimize pain? If someone believes all of
    these questions they most likely would agree with choice theories.
    Speculate on the school of criminology choice theories are derived from.
    Next, based on your selection of school of criminology, debate whether
    or not you agree with these theories. Justify your response.
  • A number of studies have been undertaken which show a very real
    connection between delinquent and /or criminal behavior, and single
    parent families. Wright and Wright’s (1994) research shows that single
    parent families, and in particular mother-only families, produce more
    delinquent children than two parent families. Indeed the very absence of
    intact families makes gang membership more appealing (Muehlenberg
    2002). Based on this information, discuss whether or not you believe
    these statements are true or false. Provide support for your response.

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