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 Begin writing a journal of insights/reflections related to the case study.  What resonates?  What do you disagree with?  What elements lead you to be more effective as a leader?  Why do you suppose that is?  Be honest with yourself and your reactions and reflections.  Journal additions will be required in Weeks 1,3,5. 

Please see attached case study info

This doesnt need to be too long, one page minimum. 

Needed by 2 pm Sunday 9/17/23 – (US CST US Central Standard Time) 

Case Study Financial Statements for Walmart Stores Inc. and Macy’s Inc.

Table 3-8 contains the financial results for Walmart and Macy’s for 2012. Evaluate each company’s financial performance based on the metrics discussed in Section 3.1, such as ROE, ROA, profit margin, asset turns, APT, C2C, ART, INVT, and PPET. Can you explain the differences you see in their performance based on their supply chain strategy and structure? Compare the metrics for each company with similar metrics for Amazon and Nordstrom from Table 3-1. Which metrics does each company perform better on? What supply chain drivers and metrics might explain this difference in performance?

Table 3-8 Selected Financial Data for Walmart Stores Inc. and Macy’s Inc.

Year ended January 31, 2013 ($ millions)



Net operating revenues



Cost of goods sold



Gross profit



Selling, general, and administrative expense



Other Costs


Operating income



Interest expense



Other income(loss)—net



Income before income taxes



Income taxes



Net income




Cash and cash equivalents



Net receivables






Prepaid expenses and other



Total current assets



Property, plant, and equipment






Other intangible assets


Other assets



Total assets



Liabilities and Stockholder Equity

Accounts payable



Short-term debt



Total current liability



Long-term debt



Other liabilities


Total liabilities



Stockholder equity



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