journal articles read and evaluate five journal articles

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I need someone read and evaluate five journal articles selected with Instructor approval from lists of peer reviewed journal articles in the attached Bibliography.

Leadership Bibliography

Clark, T. & Greatbatch, D. (2011-2018) Audience perceptions of charismatic and

non charismatic oratory: The case of management gurus, Leadership

Quarterly, 22, (1) 22-32.

Dickerson, N. (2006-2018). We are a force to be reckoned with: Black and Latina

Women’s Leadersip in the contemporary U.S. Labor movement.

Working USA

93, 293-313

Eklund, E. 2006-2018). Organizational Culture and women’s leadership: a study of six

Catholic parishes

. Sociology of Religion

67 (1) 81 96.

Hampden -Turner, C. & Trompenaars, F. (2000-2018).

Building Cross- cultural

Competence: How to Create Wealth from Conflicting Values

, Yale

University Press: New Haven 1-70.

Hunter, S., Cushenbery, L., Thoroughgood, C., Johnson, J., & Scott Ligon, G.

(2011-2018). First and ten leadership: A historiometric investigation of the

CIP leadership model, Leadership Quarterly, 22 (1) 70-91.

Jogulu, U. & Wood, G. (2006-2018). The role of leadership theory in raising the profile of

women in management.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: an International


25 (4) 236 250.

Kalshoven, K., Den Hartog, D., & De Hoogh, A. (2011-2018). Ethical leadership at


questionnaire: Development and validation of a multi-dimensional measure,

Leadership Quarterly


22 (1) 51-69.





Lord, R., & Shondrick, S. ( 2011-2018). Leadership and knowledge: Symbolic, and embodied

perspectives, Leadership Quarterly, 22 (1) 207-222.

Kempster, S., & Parry, K. (2011-2018) Grounded theory and leadership research: A critical perspective,

Leadership Quarterly

, 22 (1) 106-120.

Kouzes, J. & Posner, B. (2007-2018).

Leadership Challenge

, 4th ed., Josey-Bass: San Francisco, 1-75.

Porterfield, J. & Kleiner, B. (2005-2018). A new era: Women and Leadership. Equality,

Diversity and

Inclusion: an International Journal

24 (5) 49-56.

Stephens, J. (2002-2018). The rhetoric of women’s leadership: Language, memory and


Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies

9 (3) 45-60.

Vinkenburg, C. Engen, M., Eagly, A, & Johannesen Schmidt, M. ( 2011-2018).

An exploration of stereotypical beliefs about leadership styles: Is transformational

leadership a rout to women’s promotion?

Leadership Quarterly

. 22. 10-21.

Wallis, N., Yammarino, F., & Feyerherm, A. (2011-2018). Individualized

leadership: A qualitative study of senior executive leaders, Leadership

Quarterly, Volume 22, Issue 1, February 2011, Pages 182-206.

Wang, H., Tsui, A., & Xin, K. ( 2011-2018). CEO leadership behaviors,

organizational performance, and employees’ attitudes,



, 22 (1) 92-105.

Won Park, K., Arvey, R., & Tong, Y. (2011-2018). The generalizability of

leadership across activity domains and time periods,

Leadership Quarterly,

22 (1) 23-36.





Zacher, H., Rosing, K, & Frese, M. (2011-2018). Age and leadership: The

moderating role of legacy beliefs,

Leadership Quarterly

, 22 (1) 43-50

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