IVC Invasive Species Worksheet

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here’s the video that needs to watch to answers these questions.

  1. What’s an invasive species?
  2. How many different tick species are found in the US and what do they feed on?
  3. There are at least 16 different tick-borne diseases in the US. Which tick-borne disease have you heard of or are familiar with? Why ticks and tick-borne diseases spreading in the US?
  4. Have you ever done a tick check or have have found a tick on you? How did it get onto you? Did you find/feel/see it or did someone preform primate grooming behavior during a tick check? (I have my class do this after we hike in wooded areas or even through the coast sage scrub habitat.
  5. If you have had a tick on you, where did you find the tick (was the tick crawling, embedded into to you, etc.)?
  6. If you had a tick on you, was the tick embedded? If so, how did you remove the tick? (You have to be careful that you don’t squeeze the tick and cause regurgitation of the microorganism – remember, the tick is the vector).
  7. If you had a tick on you, where were you (what were you doing)?
  8. Why are ticks so hard to kill?
  9. How would you avoid getting ticks on you?
  10. What did you learn from this video that surprised you most?

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