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Wagner Act Discussion

1. Exclusive Representation

Discussion: why exclusive representation is important? In which situation would you recognize a minority (Nonmajority) union? Do you support worker centers/committees ( do you get support to recognize a union?

2. Unfair Labor Practice

For the following examples, are they (1) unfair labor practices? and (2) why?

•Walmart’s & Target’s Anti-Union Propaganda
•Target’s Valley Stream store

•Socio-Tech Committees
The employer in Crown Cork delegated various aspects of the management of the plant to joint labor-management committees, called Socio-Tech committees.

The Socio-Tech structure included seven committees, all comprised of employees and a few members of management, and each given its own parameters within which to operate. The four lower level committees, or Production Teams, had the authority to decide and act upon a variety of workplace issues, including production, quality control, and discipline. Each of the three upper level committees (the Organizational Review Board, Advancement Certification Board, and Safety Committee) was responsible for either monitoring plant policies, certifying employees for additional pay based on acquired skills, or safety.

The decisions of these committees were subject to review by a management team, which in turn had its own decisions reviewed by the plant manager. The plant manager testified that he rarely, if ever, overruled a recommendation of an upper level committee and, in fact, that he often deferred to the judgment of a committee rather than the management team’s recommendation.

•Let’s do lunch—insubordination or protected activity? On your textbook P. 145 or P. 147 depends on which edition you have.

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