internetworking article review

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Students should choose a magazine, journal, or newspaper article that is related to Internetworking. The article can be technical, business, or current event related

The student should review the article and write a 1 to 2 pages (1.5 line spacing, 10 font) position type of review. Please consider the following questions as you do your write up. (Do not just answer the questions; instead use it as a guide

to wri
te your narrative.)

  • What is the article saying? (This should be

    short part
    of your write up since you’ll be posting the article along with your write up.)
  • Do you agree with the article’s position

  • What does this mean for the technology?
  • How does this technology change operations?
  • What problem does this new technology solve and how?
  • What does this mean for the business community?
  • Are there any security risks or are you mitigating security risks?
  • What does it mean for the industry or how does it change the industry?

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