international marketing questions

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These questions cover textbook material from Chapter 8 through Chapter 14. To complete, respond to the four essay-response items presented. Each item is worth 25 points. Your responses may be based upon any of the material covered in the course, as well as any outside-of-class material that you believe to be appropriate.

1. Assume the role of an American businessperson who is considering moving a business venture to either Malaysia or New Zealand. Discuss the potential positives and negatives of each move. Be sure to consider relevant similarities and differences between the two potential markets. 2. “Successful economic union requires favorable economic, political, cultural, and geographic factors as a basis for success.” Based upon your understanding of global marketing, rank these four factors from most important to least important. Explain your ranking of the four factors. 3. Briefly compare and contrast the four market entry strategies described in the text. Select one nation in Africa or South America and indicate which strategy you believe would be best for a mid-size American manufacturing firm that is considering entry into that nation. Explain and justify your choice of that entry strategy. 4. “A successful global brand is a company’s most valuable resource.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain.

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