informal assessment

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hi hennryproffesor, For the last assignments I had two questions and you already helped me with one. Thank you. I didn’t post question below since it required me to watch video of informal assessment process and to describe my own interest and any insight. Well, I did that and now I would like to you if possible to read what I wrote and again, if possible bring it to conformity with your style of writing since I do not want two answers to be much different in style. Since I already wrote a lot I will put $10 as price for this assignment but I will have lot more homework in a future for you.

Question 5B: The video shows the counselor, Andrea, going through an informal assessment process with her client, Bud. You will go through the same process for this question describing your own interests and any insights you might have obtained in doing this exercise.

I watched video clip and first thing that came into my mind is that I am little bit old/late for informal assessment. However, I followed the same process from the clip and tried to answer all of the questions. I believe informal assessments are very useful despite being more subjective and validity of assessment may be questionable. They serve to us in order to help us to gain a better understanding of who we are and what we can be good at.

I enjoyed exercise because when you put on paper 5 to 10 things that you liked you can really see on one place your interests and activities that you enjoy. Also, this gives you opportunity to single out one or two interests which are different from others. I believe assessments are particularly good for young people since they can help them to evaluate their situation and enlarge their career options.Generally my own interest fell into category of what I am doing right now and that is being with people, helping people, counseling, working in public service etc. There were few outliers as well namely, driving fast, maybe being rely driver and also soccer player.

During informal conversation with professional helps to realize things about yourself, leads to uncover our desire what we want to accomplish during our life and what our priorities might be. I also believe that this process through informal conversation can help you realize your genuine affection and what is blocking in the way from accomplishing them.

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