industrial research project 1

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Due date: Time: Value: Length: Based on: Submission:

23:59 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
6000 words ± 10%
Learning outcomes 1-5
Electronically through MyLO final Project Report submission folder

You are required to submit your completed final Project Report electronically through the final project report folder by no later than 23:59 hours (A.E.S.T.) on Monday, 5 November 2018. You must keep a copy of your Project Report and be able to supply a copy if requested.

Task description & requirements

You are required to submit a final Project Report.

At least 40 references are required. Marks will be deducted if the number of references is below the minimum number required.

The following structure for the Project Report is suggested:
Chapter 1: Introduction, including research background, problem identification, research question(s), research objective(s)
Chapter 2: Literature Review, including a critical and integrated review of existing literature in terms of your research problem and research objective(s)
Chapter 3: Research Design, including data collection methods, sampling strategy and data analysis methods
Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Findings, including the description of the actual data set (where applicable) and analysis results
Chapter5: Implications and Conclusions, including implications of the findings, limitations of your study (if any) and recommendations for future research.

In addition to the five chapters, your project report should also contain the following:

Cover page
Declaration and statements page
Acknowledgement if applicable
Abstract or Executive Summary
Table of Contents
List of Tables if applicable
List of Figures if applicable
Appendices: including all detailed calculation, questionnaire or research instruments,

mailing/contact list, and evidence of correspondence with the respondents if applicable.

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