Ideas that Spring to Mind when Think of A Traditional Family Discussion

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1. Write down ideas that spring to mind when you think of a “traditional family.”

2. Respond to the following questions based on the textbook chapter on the Family:

a. Are the rules of descent in the US patrilineal, matrilineal, or bilateral

b. In your family (either your parents or your own marriage), are the rules of marriage exogamous or endogamous?

c. If you are married, who holds authority in your family the husband, the wife or is it egalitarian?

If you are not married, who holds authority in your family, the father, mother or is it egalitarian?

d. If you are married, does your family live near the husband’s family, the wife’s family, or neither?

If you are not married, did your family live near your father’s family, the mother’s family or neither?

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