I want to edit an essay for the third copy

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I want to edit an essay for the third copy

We will further go over incorporating quoted materials in your college writing tomorrow.

Please review the quotations handouts I sent via e-mail earlier in the week: Monday and again

on Wednesday. These quotations handouts also appear on Blackboard under course materials.

Remember that your THIRD revision of the sample essay — Why ENGL101 is Important for College

Students–is due on Monday next. We will meet in the Library as a paper is due that day. Mark your

calendars, please.

Remember to turn in ALL of your versions of the essays, which the Instructor has previously written

comments on and/or graded, to the Instructor in hand on Monday next in the Library.

Also, tomorrow I plan to go over AGAIN the basic framework on a traditional collegiate level essay.

Your essays have to comport to this structure for course success–ALL of them!

Please remember that there are on-campus writing labs to assist students in writing for college.

Please use them if need be. I previously shared this information in class; these, too, are uploaded to Blackboard.

Also, be reminded, please, that students are to come to class regularly and on time; no-shows and

latecomers will surely received a lowered mid-term grade. So, too, will students who simply do not do

the work as assigned.


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