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This is all the directions and I have attached the word file that explains the rest. About the assignment: You will connect course material to real news articles. After reviewing a topic from our text, review various articles in news publications on the Internet. Good sites include The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business Week, or any credible news source. You are also welcome to use any type of news article as long as you can connect it to a concept from our text and class.

NOTE: Do NOT use an advice-oriented article or study. Articles that discuss the qualities of good leadership or motivational techniques should NOT be used. This is not an essay expanding on points from the text – it is application focused. Focus on news and then see what topics may apply. Think about strategy. Is there a company that has recently changed how it competes in the market? Did it add a new product line or sell off a division or subsidiary. Or have you read of company that has expanded overseas? Ethics is another popular topic as is sexual harassment and other human resource topics. Also think about culture, task and general environments.

1 – Find a news article or video that you can relate to any of the material from one of the chapters we have covered to date. Your paper does not have to relate to all chapters or all parts of one chapter. It will likely relate to all or a majority of a learning objective. Read the article/watch the video thoroughly. Try to pick an article from the last three months. Be sure to copy the Web address as it will be required in the paper.


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