I need 6 questions done for an Engineering Economy assignment within five hours – willing to pay up to $20

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If you can only answer a couple of the questions I am still willing to pay you $5 for #1 and $3 for the other five (#2-#6).

Show all work (step by step) Reference text is Chapters 1-5 of Engineering Economy 15th Edition Sullivan, Wicks, Koelling – Older editions work fine.


1. A company makes widgets and has a fixed cost of $45,000 per month and a variable cost of $45 per widget.  If the selling price per widget is p=$160 – 0.4D , 

a) At what volume of sales is the revenue maximum for this product and how much is this revenue?

b)At what volume is the maximum profit per month and how much is this profit?

c)At what volumes do breakeven occur?


2. A subway ride was 10 cents in 1952. Today it is $2.25. What has been the average yearly rate of inflation during the past 60 years?


3. What is the present worth of the following future receipt: $22,000 received 5 years from now with a nominal interest rate of 8% per year compounded quarterly?


4. A 30 year old student plans to have saved $1,000,000 when he retires at age 65.  if the annual interest rate averages 5% per year over the next 35 years, what amount must he save each year to reach his goal?


5. You plan to purchase a new car with the help of a $20,000 auto loan.  IF the loan is to be repaid in equal end of month payments over 4 years, what is the monthly payment? The APR is 6% compounded monthly.


6. Consider the following sequence of year-end cash flows:

EOY           1                2                 3                  4                 5

$$          $7,000    $15,000      $23,000    $31,000     $39,000

What is the uniform annual equivalent of this cash flow if the interest rate is 10% per year?


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