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Hi-Volt Components

You are the IT manager at Hi-Voltage Components, a medium-sized firm that makes specialized circuit boards. Hi-Voltage’s largest customer, Green Industries, recently installed a computerized purchasing sys- tem. If Hi-Voltage connects to the purchasing system, Green Industries will be able to submit purchase orders electronically. Although Hi-Voltage has a computerized accounting system, that system is not capable of handling EDI.


1. What options does Hi-Voltage have for developing a system to connect with Green Industries’ pur- chasing system?

2. What terms or concepts describe the proposed computer-to-computer relationship between Hi-Voltage and Green Industries? 3.Would Hi-Voltage’s proposed new system be a transaction processing system? Why or why not? 4.Before Hi-Voltage makes a final decision, should the company consider an ERP system? Why or why not?

newTech Interview

You have an interview for an IT position with NewTech, a large telecommunications company, and you want to learn more about the firm and its organizational structure. To prepare for the interview, you decide to review your knowledge about corporations, including the following questions:


  1. What are the four organizational levels in a typical company?
  2. Go online and find three examples of retailers that offer both in-store and Web-based sales. What were the firms? Which one did you like best, and why?
  3. What is empowerment? Provide two specific examples.
  4. What types of information systems might a large company use? Would the same systems be found in a smaller firm? Why or why not?

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