Human freedom

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A Total of ONLY 2 discussion questions. Very easy, straightforward, and simple.

*Must be a total of minimum 150 words for each answer*

First Discussion Question: (requires 2 student responses, 100 minimum words each)

Based on the material in this module, address the issue of human freedom in a socially structured world. That is, to what extent do you think people are free to think and act as they wish? In answering this question, consider the theories attached.…

Initial post: Min. 150 words.

Response: 100 words for each response.


Second Discussion Question: (requires 2 student responses, 75 minimum words each)

Why is relief taking so long in Puerto Rico? If there were parts of Texas or Florida that were still inaccessible after two weeks after being struck by a hurricane, something would be done.

What is it about Puerto Rico that is different – other than the State vs. Territory aspect (or does that warrant alternate treatment). Do not allow strong emotions to degrade respectful discussion.

Initial post: Min. 150 words.

Response: 75 words for each response.


Rubric for Grading:

Understanding: displayed an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts, 2) Research: integrated relevant research to support responses(Work cited), 3) Deadline: met the deadline, 4) Word count: a minimum of 150 words, 5) Writing skills: well-organized and contained grammatically correct sentences without any spelling errors.

In addition to these questions, for each discussion question, I would like you to simply respond to 2 other students’ responses agreeing with them on something they wrote with consideration of other student’s point of view. This is simply agreeing with a total of 2 other students responses with a minimum of 75 to 100 words for each response.

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