Howard University Job Enlargement and Improving Satisfaction Discussion

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  1. Using the organization and the career of your choice you previously selected, discuss and give examples of each of the following noting changes that are taking place:
    1. job enlargement,
    2. job enrichment,
    3. specialization,
    4. automation
    5. routinization.

    PART B

  2. Discuss EACH of the following.
  3. What is the shadow economy, and why does it exist?
  4. Select a marginal job and describe it in terms of
    1. Regularity,
    2. Stability,
    3. Adequacy of employment,
    4. Legality
  5. Several organizations and publications focus on entrepreneurs or business people of certain racial, ethnic, or gender groups, such as Black Enterprise Magazine, and the National Association of Women Business Owners, etc.).
    1. Examine the web sites for at least three of these organizations and publications.
      1. What advice do these websites give that would apply to everyone?
      2. What advice do these websites give that would only apply to the specific groups they serve?
      3. What advice do these websites give workers who want to advance out of marginal jobs to jobs which offer a career?
    1. Why do you think minority group members are over-represented in marginal jobs? Consider why the term “minority group” is only used for certain minorities. For example, religious and ethnic minorities such as the Amish or Russians (who came to the US in large numbers after the collapse of the Soviet Union) are rarely mentioned. Use citations to support your answer).
    2. For one minority job title, research the upward mobility from that job. What sources of data can you find that track upward mobility of those holding marginal jobs?
    3. Describe your organization’s experience with the shadow economy and marginal jobs.
    4. How did the COVID-19 virus affect these jobs? (give sources for your answer)
    5. One of the COVID-19 virus results was to accelerate changes in the workforce that were already taking place. Based on Sweet and Meiksins and original research, discuss one of these changes and how COVID-19 has affected it. (give sources for your answers.

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