How does the audience shaped by epideictic speech after national tragedies?

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Prepare a 10-12 page analysis project (typed, double-spaced, following standard term paper format). Your goal is to select course concepts that you believe will bring into clear view otherwise unseen rhetorical features of your chosen display. The paper should include seven components: (1) a description of the display and a rationale explaining why you selected it for rhetorical study; (2) a research question that you will attempt to answer through study of your chosen display; (3) a rationale for the concepts chosen to guide your analysis of the display’s artifact or artifacts; (4) explanations of the leading concepts that together define your chosen approach; (5) a report of your findings with well chosen examples that illustrate the rhetorical features of your selected display; (6) conclusions that answer your research question and discuss the implications of your findings for understanding the rhetoric of the sort of display you examined, the utility of the concepts you selected to unlock your artifact’s rhetorical features, or both; and (7) a bibliography containing at least eight scholarly sources doing rhetorical theorizing or analysis. At least five of those scholarly rhetoric articles should not be required readings for this course. Sources used other than scholarly rhetoric articles should also be included in the bibliography. Those sources might include, for instance, articles or books that inform you about the display and its context but do not conduct rhetorical analysis and, thus, do not count as scholarly rhetorical studies.

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