Historical or Philosophical Figure in Education Paper – 4 pages, writing homework help

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 Historical or Philosophical Figure in Education Paper – 4 pages (10 points) 

     Choose one of the people discussed in chapter 8 of the textbook. 

In a four (4) page paper, summarize your figure:

1.Who was he or she?

2.What was his/her significant accomplishment in the education field?

3.How did this person affect education at that time?

4.Why did this person make these changes and what may have been some of the obstacles faced? What would you have done differently?What, if any, is this person’s impact on education today?

5. How would education be different today without this person’s accomplishments?

6. Is this person memorialized in any way?

7.In what ways can education be further reformed to enhance this person’s contributions?


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