hist 1302 united states history since 1877

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Chapter 17: The West

Question 1: What critical factors led to the conquest of Native American tribes and their forced relocation to reservations?

Question 2: What challenges did Americans face in successfully settling the West?

Question 3: Which bonanza was most significant to American history and why?

Chapter 18: Industrial Society

Question 1: What was the most significant contribution of the railroad industry to America in the second half of the 1800s?

Question 2: What was the greatest contribution to industrial development and by whom?

Question 3: Why were labor unions formed and what did they try to accomplish? Were they successful?

Chapter 19: Toward and Urban Society

Question 1: What was the biggest contributor to urban growth and why?

Question 2: Comparing Booker T Washington and WEB Du Bois, who do you think had a greater impact in promoting education and civil rights among African Americans and why?

Question 3: How and why did the roles of women change during this era?

Chapter 20: Political Realignments

Question 1: What grievances and concerns led to the rise of various political parties?

Question 2: What was the greatest impact of the Billion Dollar Congress and why?

Question 3: What were the significant causes and effects of the Panic of 1893?

Question 4: How was the election of 1896 significant?

Chapter 21: Toward Empire

Question 1: What was the most significant cause of US imperialism?

Question 2: What was the most significant cause of the Spanish-American War?

Question 3: What was the most significant effect of the Spanish-American War?

Chapter 22: The Progressive Era

Question 1: How did mass production change the way businesses operated?

Question 2: How did the growth of industry impact marginalized or minority groups (women, children, African-Americans, immigrants)?

Question 3: How did urban culture reflect mass production?


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