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For our sixth discussion board assignment, please read “Acquainted with the Night (ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي.)ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي.,” by Robert Frost. Think about the poem. Think about the different parts of a poem and what to ask yourself when reading one by reading the poetry introduction pages in your Supplemental Activities Packet. Write one paragraph describing the poem (for example, talk about its background/language, form and meaning). After you are done, remember to also reply to one of your classmate’s postings by commenting on something that they wrote.

When you have created your own thread according to the instructions and topic and replied to at least one of your classmate’s postings, you have fulfilled the assignment and will receive full credit if you submit it on time (8a.m. Wednesday of Week Nine). If you do not create a thread, appropriately respond to the specific topic or remember to reply to a classmate, you will lose points.

*Remember that in order for us to have a successful discussion, we must be respectful. Any rude, unkind, discriminatory or bullying remarks will be hidden and the student posting them will receive a “0” on the assignment. Let’s work together positively so we can all have positive experiences and help each other rise and succeed.


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