here attached below i have somthing that i started i have to write an andote reflection story my main focus is my grandfathers death and how i felt and how everything came crashing down lost my house my parents split and i had to move from my schools

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First year of high school as a freshmen I. southwest. Walking into school was always a thrilled so many people coming up to you saying “hey what’s up” I always felt wanted cared for. I had Friends left and right. I was having the monk of my life best family lots of friends noting could go wrong everything was so perfect. Untill December 24, 2015 that day I was lost In the dark not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lost completely lost I felt numb with all these thought stuck in my head, walking into school seemed like a blur And was so horrible I didnt want to talk to anybody and I didn’t want anyone speaking with me. I would berly go to school, grades were going down the drain along with my self esteem. I couldn’t look at my self in the mirror without breaking into tears. I lost half of my heart, and everything started to tear apart as well because I had to move schools I went from Southwest to Sunset senior high, i went from haveing a house to livening in a small apartment. My life took a big turn. I wasnt foucused in school, didn’t want friend all I wanted was to take that magic pill to forget the about the pain. December 24 2015 impacted my life that was the day my Grandfather passed away my biggest treasure, my cheerleader, my protector , my number one supporter, my EVERYTHING.

In my new home room at Dunset senior high school I was lonely and screaming Rescue me!! But even though there was so much noise clouding my hearing. There was one voice I did hear clearly that caught my attention so much poise and confidence remained me of my grandfather. The classroom was full of 1st place trophy’s and pictures of students in competition the pictures had FBLA all over them. I dodnt know what FBLA meant but all I knew was that the student in those pictures were filled with thrill and experience something I haven’t felt in a while and would like to feel.

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