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Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you analyze the problem in Case Study 23 “Faculty Teamwork” in Ch. 11 of School Leadership and Administration and present your solution. Consider the following questions as your prepare to write your paper:

  • How could Ms. Goode have prevented this problem from occurring? Considering her support for the team concept, why do you think she did not take this course of action?
  • How can the principal defuse the emotions of the teachers as she enters the team meeting?
  • What can Ms. Goode do to ensure that the team does not have further decision-making difficulties?
  • Is team teaching the most effective organization for increasing student achievement?
  • Does the most effective instruction occur in a seated, classroom situation or in a project such as Frontier Day?
  • As an administrator, how and to what extent do teacher personality and instructional style affect your staffing decisions?
  • If you were the principal in this kind of situation, how would you plan your meeting with the team? What role would you play during the meeting? Use the social science and administrative concepts from Part I in approaching this situation.

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