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Assessment 1: Group Assignment (2300 words)


The group needs to do a consumer behavior audit and focus on decision process influences and factors, for a specific product or service, covering the following aspects: Market segmentation; Product Positioning; Pricing; Distribution and Promotion.

You do not have to cover internal/external and situational influences in this assignment as you are assessed on your understanding of these concepts in your individual assignment.


Marketing Criteria:

•    Introduction

•    Selection of the target Market

•    Determination of product positioning

•    Structuring the elements of Marketing Mix

–   Report format, referencing and presentation





Prescribed Textbook (compulsory)

Quester, P. (2011) Consumer Behaviour: Implications for Marketing Strategy, 6/e Enhanced McGraw- Hill.


Recommended Reading

Risk preferences and the marketing of financial services: Segmentation by birth order, Rink, David R;Roden, Dianne MCox, Steven RJournal of Financial Services Marketing18.1 (Mar 2013): 17-26

The Effect of Customers’ Social Media Participation on Customer Visit Frequency and Profitability: An Empirical Investigation, (2013), Rishika Rishika (Texas A&M University), Ashish Kumar (Aalto University), Ramkumar Janakiraman (Texas A&M University), and Ram Bezawada (State University of New York, Buffalo), Information Systems Research; vol. 24, no. 1

 Market Segmentation

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