Management Report on Interview of Individual on Starbucks CSR

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Individual Research Project: Part III Instructions:


One of your greatest resources for learning is talking to others or assessing the actual communication of someone else.  Identify someone who has an opinion on the ethical and socially responsible (or unethical and socially irresponsible) behaviors of the organization and arrange to either conduct an informational interview or using the internet to locate a speech or interview granted by the individual.  Based on your interview or on your research you are to:




1.    Write a short biography for the professional you interviewed or researched (1-2 Paragraphs).  The biography is to include the person’s name, title, company or organization, role and responsibilities, education, previous positions and fields of work, professional organizations, etc.


2.    Indicate why this person is significant or important for understanding the organizational (Starbuck’s) behavior you are addressing in your research project. (1-2 Paragraphs)


3.    Summarize your findings in three or four (3-4) paragraphs (approximately 400-600 words). 


4.    Write your work in report format; do not just hand in a transcript (Q & A summary) of your interview or research.

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