capital budgeting decision models 8

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The purpose of this assignment is to allow the students to become familiar with and practice the measurement of Net Present Value (NPV), payback, and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) using Microsoft® Excel®.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft® Excel®, Capital Budgeting Decision Models Template

Calculate the following problems using Microsoft® Excel®:

  • Calculate the NPV for each project and determine which project should be accepted.
Project AProject BProject CProject D
Inital Outlay(105,000.000)(99,000.00)(110,000.00)(85,000.00)
Inflow year 153,000.0051,000.0025,000.0045,000.00
Inflow year 250,000.0047,000.0055,000.0050,000.00
Inflow year 348,000.0041,000.0015,000.0030,000.00
Inflow year 430,000.0052,000.0021,000.0062,000.00
Inflow year 535,000.0040,000.0035,000.0068,000.00
  • Your company is considering three independent projects. Given the following cash flow information, calculate the payback period for each. If your company requires a three-year payback before an investment can be accepted, which project(s) would be accepted?
Project DProject EProject F
Inflow year 153,000.0051,000.0025,000.00
Inflow year 250,000.0087,000.0055,000.00
Inflow year 348,000.0041,000.0021,000.00
Inflow year 430,000.0052,000.009,000.00
Inflow year 524,000.0040,000.0035,000.00
  • Using market value and book value (separately), find the adjusted WACC, using 30% tax rate.
ComponentBalance Sheet ValueMarket ValueCost of Capital
Preferred Stock4,000,000.002,200,00.0010%
Common Stock2,000,000.005,600,000.0013%

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