training design week 5 discussion

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watch this video and for the first discussion writing produce 200 words about it

Class, last week, we conducted a person analysis to determine common elements affecting performance. Then, we concluded that the employees at the call center definitely need some training and development opportunities to address the issues causing their performance gap.

This week we will start designing our training program. We should start by defining the objectives of our program. What do you think? Remember, training objectives refer to all the objectives that are developed for the training program. Do you remember how to create an effective training objective?

In Addition a response must be given back to the other students Andrea Mccolie and Gina DiCrescenza.

Gina DiCrescenza

Training Objectives

It was a great week of learning about training objectives and I feel so much more confident now in this process.

I first learned that any good training objective program should have a good title of what it is you are communicating such as this week’s training program should be titled, “Calling for Effective Communication”. The name of our training program should be connected to our objective. But before we decided on our name of the training, we used a panel of experts to validate the accuracy of the training objective

I also learned that training objectives of our program should consist of desired outcome, conditions and standards. Our training objectives refer to all the objectives that are developed for the training program.

An effective training objective would need the following: reaction, learning, transfer of training, organization outcome and components of an objective so that at the completion of the training, the trainee will be able to use three different communication strategies that fit the employee’s personality to address a conflict during a managerial meeting.

Andrea Mccollie

Design Phase of Training

Hi Dr. Carroll and Class,

This Week we have learned about Introduction to The Design of Training.

The Design Phase of Training is a process that allow you to determine the requirements used during the development phase of training. It will be the information provided in the training manuals that will teach guidelines of how to perform job duties based on organizational standards. This will be an outline of departmental goals and how to follow step by step process of being sufficient on the job and increasing company quality scores and to prevent Gaps in performance. The Design Phase will determine reasons the training model should be used in all organizations. It also determines who is in the need of training this should be every employee if the organization is performing below standards. Design Phase will determine the agenda of training and how it will be accomplished. Design Phase will focus on when and how long required to get to the target level that is required. Design Phase will need to be well planned to assure all problem areas are covered.

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