validity and reliability in qualitative research

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Evaluation and standards of research quality are important in both qualitative and quantitative research. Reliability and validity are two measures of research rigor, both important for scholar-practitioners to understand in order to conduct and interpret quality research. Validity and reliability constructs are approached differently in quantitative and qualitative research. After viewing the presentation and the Reading and Study material for this module, respond to the following:

  1. Describe validity and reliability measures for qualitative research and how they compare to quantitative research constructs.
  2. Which validation and reliability constructs can you employ in the qualitative research you conducted as a part of this course? What about in a qualitative dissertation?
  3. Why is demonstrating validity and reliability important for a Christian researcher?
  4. Consider Keller’s statement on p. 203:

“But indeed, as Bible scholar Bruce Waltke points out, the Bible says that the very definition of righteous people is that they disadvantage themselves to advantage others, while ‘the wicked…are willing to disadvantage the community to advantage themselves.’”

What does this mean for the Christian researcher?

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